DJR Team Penske V8 Supercar – Corporate Partner

The MightyMite brand will feature across the rear wing of both DJR Team Penske Falcons for the 2016 V8 Supercars season. In the highly competitive supermarket environment, MightyMite sees the V8 Supercars category as a great way of highlighting its ‘Fuel 4 Fun’ positioning for the spreads.

Welcoming the brand to the DJR Team Penske team, Dick Johnson said, “Our team share very similar values to the owners of the MightyMite product. Both companies have worked very hard over many years to gain success in their chosen field. The Three Threes Company is a fifth generation family business and fully Australian owned. They take pride in the quality of their food products and the ‘Fuel 4 Fun’ theme used for MightyMite is a perfect fit for our team in the V8 Supercars Championship.”

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